‘I’ve had my neighbour’s parcel for 3 weeks – I’m thinking of chucking it away’

‘I’ve had my neighbour’s parcel for 3 weeks – I’m thinking of chucking it away’

If you’re not at home when you have a parcel delivered to your house, it’s not unusual for the delivery person to try handing it to your neighbours so you can easily collect it when you get home.

But one woman on Mumsnet has been left irritated by her neighbours after she agreed to take in one of their parcels – because they haven’t been round to collect it for three weeks.

The mum said she refuses to do the legwork of taking it over to them as she doesn’t get on particularly well with them.

So instead, she’s considering either chucking the parcel in the bin, or returning it to the sender.

In her post, she said: “I have a parcel that I took in for my neighbour as they were out during delivery. This was three weeks ago!

“This isn’t the first time it’s taken them ages to collect their parcel. Once before it took them 10 days to collect it and they didn’t even say thank you.

“The delivery driver said that their neighbours to the other side won’t take their parcels in because they don’t take theirs.

“I know they’re in because I see them going in and out of their house and their car leaves and returns. So either, they haven’t got the memo that I have their parcel, they have forgotten about it, or they just cannot be arsed and are waiting for me to go over with it. They’ve never been very friendly with me as I have tried with them so I’m less inclined to do the latter.

“What would you do with this package and how long do I have to keep it for before I either throw it in the bin (or return it to sender)?”

Commenters on the post sympathised with the mum’s standpoint, as many of them claimed they also had issues with their neighbours not being respectful when it comes to collecting parcels.

But most of them suggested she take the parcel round to them this time before putting her foot down and refusing to accept any more deliveries for them.

One person said: “Take it round and put it on their step, take a photo, put a note through the door saying you’ve had it for three weeks, can’t accept responsibility for their parcels and will no longer be accepting parcels on their behalf. Then stick to your word.”

While another added: “Flag one of them down when you see one of them going in and out, give them the parcel and don’t accept anything else for them going forwards.”

And a third wrote: “Throw it on their doorstep and refuse any future deliveries. You would be very unreasonable to dump it.”