Women’s minds blown as they learn why their shirts button differently from men’s

Women’s minds blown as they learn why their shirts button differently from men’s

People have shared their surprise after discovering that shirts don’t all have buttons on the same side and that men and women’s shirts actually do up in completely different ways

We’ve recently learned lots of things about clothing that we didn’t know before – such as why women’s jeans have small buttons on them and why underwear often has little bows.

And now our minds have been blown once more as we’ve found out why men and women’s shirts button up differently.

In case you also weren’t aware, men’s shirts button up on the right-hand side, while women’s buttons are on the left.

As most shirts look the same, this is likely something you might not have noticed – but it turns out the reason for this is a historical one.

According to Melanie M. Moore, founder of women’s blouse brand Elizabeth & Clarke, it’s to do with the way women used to get dressed in the past – dating back to the 13th century,

Speaking to Today.com, Melanie explained: “When buttons were invented in the 13th century they were, like most new technology, very expensive.

“Wealthy women back then did not dress themselves — their lady’s maid did. Since most people were right-handed, this made it easier for someone standing across from you to button your dress.”

The tradition has remained in place on many shirts today.

Melanie went on to say that for men’s shirts, there are several theories as to why the buttons are always placed on the right side and it all depends on the time period.

However, she adds that “as a general rule” many elements of men’s fashion can be traced back to the military.

The rule assumes that the majority of men are right-handed and buttoning on the right would have made it easier to access a weapon tucked inside their shirt, from their ‘dominant’ side.

On social media, many people shared their surprise at only just making this discovery, with one person tweeting: “Just recently found out that women’s buttons fall differently on shirts than guys…. damn.”

Another wrote: “I just found out shirts button differently for men’s and women’s????????”

While a different user posted: “The fact that men’s and women’s shirts button differently will never not do my head in.”