Exact date of first UK summer heatwave with 30C weather predicted by experts

Exact date of first UK summer heatwave with 30C weather predicted by experts

A weather system in Europe called ‘Ola de Calor’ threatens to push temperatures to 40C (104F) which could potentially reach the UK and signalling the first heatwave of the season

The UK could soon be enjoying its first heatwave of the summer, forecasters have predicted.

Warm air from the continent, which is currently experiencing a 38C (100F) plume could see the temperatures rise in parts of the country.

Forecasters predict 32C (89.6F) are possible on these shores as a Spanish heatwave reaches the UK.

Called ‘Ola de Calor’ the plume threatens to push temperatures in Europe to 40C (104F).

This could potentially reach the UK and signalling the first heatwave of the season and forecasters say “a taste of summer is on the way”.

Netweather forecaster Jo Farrow told the Express : “There are signs the warmth could last from Wednesday through until Saturday, if the push of fresher air from a low to the north takes its time to shove the warmth plume away from the UK eastwards

“The heat is already showing itself in southern Spain from North Africa. That will build through Spain from Sunday until Wednesday. Then a strong signal for higher UK temperatures for the second half of next week.

“A taste of summer on the way.”

Exacta Weather has also predicted warmer temperatures over the next few days and high pressure pushed temperatures into the mid-20Cs or higher.

Models of future weather patterns reveal temperatures from mainland Europe edging towards the UK by mid-week.

Forecasters say the first heatwave of summer could be on the way
Temperatures could hit the high-20Cs widely if predicted forecasts come good.

In other parts reach between 15C and 21C, with only northern areas dipping below that.

Temperatures are mostly expected in southern England with the north experiencing cooler conditions.

But the sun is predicted to burn through bringing a taste of summer to northern parts too.

The plume from the Continent is braced to hotter temperatures next week.

After the weekend warmer temperatures coud hit between mid-week and next weekend.

The Met Office predicts ‘volatile atmospheric conditions’ which will spark thunder storms and rain,

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said: “Heat is building across Spain and that heat pushes into France and the northern edge of that starts to influence the next of next week.

“As well as that there is some instability on the northern edge of that week so there is the potential for some thunderstorms to move up from the Continent.”

The predicted hot weather is the remnants of ex-Tropical Storm Alex bringing warm, humid air to the UK.

It hit Florida before hitting Bermuda and then arriving in Britain.

Storm Alex saw bookies to slash the odds on summer heat with Ladbrokes offering 1-2 from 2-1 on the hottest day of the year arriving this weekend.

The south of the UK is likely to be warmer then the north
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On Wednesday The Mirror told of a warning of thunderstorms from the Met Office.

Four yellow weather warnings for thunderstorms were issued across the UK, with an onslaught of hail and lightning set to hit parts of the nation,.

The warnings applied to north-east England and southern Scotland, the Met Office said.

In a daily forecast, Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern said Scotland and north-east England could expect persistent downpours over the course of the afternoon.

“For parts of southern Scotland and north-east England, these weather systems could be slow-moving,” he said.

“Where they converge together, they could bring a lot of rain – 20-30mm in a few hours, in some spots, 60mm in more than six hours with that yellow thunderstorm warning in force.”