‘I didn’t tell my parents I had a child ten years ago – they’re seriously angry’

‘I didn’t tell my parents I had a child ten years ago – they’re seriously angry’

Sometimes, surprise pregnancies happen. If the pregnant woman is happy to continue the pregnancy, knowing that she won’t get support from the other involved party, then that’s completely up to her.

That’s what one man took to Reddit to explain – hoping people would tell him he’s not in the wrong.

However, he received a lot of backlash from angry Redditors due to the way he behaved in this unique situation.

He explained he never wanted to be in his child’s life – he got someone pregnant when he was 19, and ten years later, the mother of his child had requested help from him because she was unwell and needed help with childcare.

He wrote: “I (M29) had a child when I was 19. I wasn’t ready to be a dad and I asked her to get an abortion. She refused and we decided she could keep the baby and I’ll pay child support but I wouldn’t be involved in her life.

“I didn’t tell my family about it. Three months ago when I was at work I received a lot of angry messages from my parents asking me if I have a child.

“Apparently my ex had told them everything because she is sick and wants someone to look after the kid since her own family refused to do this.

“They were mad at me, telling me It was very selfish to hide their grandchild from them (I’m an only child and she is their only grandchild) they agreed to look after her and brought her into our home (yes I live with my parents to help them with the expenses).

“I told them that I can’t stop them from doing this but I still don’t want to be her dad and they agreed. She has been living with us for the past three months but everyone forgot about our agreement.

“Two days ago my parents left her with me to go somewhere. I told them I don’t want to babysit but no one listened to me. As soon as they left she started coming into my bedroom with different excuses.

“I finally got annoyed and told her to go to her room and not to come out until her grandparents come home.

“My parents came back and freaked out when they found out. They called me an AH for being a “horrible dad” but I never wanted to be a dad and I made it clear several times. Am I the a***ole?”

People were quick to point out that this man is certainly in the wrong, with some even pointing out that in ten years he doesn’t seem to have matured at all.

One wrote: “From a person to person- have you no civility? Must you be a miserable entity to a 10-year-old child? What happened to you to be so unkind?”

Another said: “The original poster never had to be a dad – even now. This kid’s mom was in the picture until the Grandparents stepped in when she was really old enough to fend for herself for the most part.

“No changing diapers. No cleaning up vomit. No dressing her. He doesn’t even have to feed her. He literally feels as though it is too much to just be nice to someone in the same home who is suffering.”

“The complete lack of empathy from him is astounding. It would be one thing if he really doesn’t want to be a dad, but he should still have human empathy for a child in distress”, one raged.

Another wrote: “I get that you never intended to be a dad, but the least you can do now is act like an adult. She didn’t choose to be part of your life either, she’s just trying to make the best of a new and probably very scary situation.

“As long as you’re both living there, you’ve got to do at least the bare minimum – which means actually spending time with her instead of sending her to her room so you don’t have to deal with her.”