International Sushi Day: Kolkata and its Love for Sushi!

International Sushi Day: Kolkata and its Love for Sushi!

Every year, 18th June is celebrated as International Sushi day. Keeping this tradition going, Kolkata ITC Royal has now started live sushi preparation. Over the years, Japanese sushi has increasingly become a favourite among fish loving Bengalis.

Sushi is a traditional Japanese meal. In simple terms, it is raw fish served in rice. The method of storing and preserving fish for later consumption led to origination of Sushi. Initially, the fish was wrapped in salted and fermented rice where it sat for months. This practice became increasingly popular during the war. It was in the Edo Peroid that Sushi became famous in Japan.

Chef Gerry of Kolkata tells you the story and history of Sushi makes preparation for you live and serves it. “People in Kolkata are increasingly liking Japanese food, specially Sushi. They’re fascinated by its preparation. We also prepare other Japanese food live here. Sushi needs proper research and we have worked on it.”

Now, this year tooo, fish loving Bengali plan to celebrate Sushi festival.

Meenu Roy who came to ITC Royal to have test of Sushi told News18 “ We love fish. And sushi has fish in a different format. So, day by day, our interest has increased. Specially this live kitchen gives us the reason to come here.”