‘I get so much abuse over son’s name – I want to change it so he’s not bullied’

‘I get so much abuse over son’s name – I want to change it so he’s not bullied’

Picking a baby’s name is a tough job for parents as they need to ensure it’s perfect.

Despite spending months trying to come up with something that’s just perfect, some end up regretting their decision and debate changing it for something else.

One mum has found herself in that situation has taken to Mumsnet to ask after parents for advice on the unisex name she picked for her little boy, who is now seven months old.

She explained that she’s received a lot of negative reactions to the name, which she assumed thought was gender neutral, and most people assume he’s a girl. The comments have led her to worry that her son will be bullied as he gets older if she doesn’t change it.

She explains: “We thought we had named a unisex name as we liked it for a girl and for a boy. It turns out since naming him and introducing him to the world that no one has heard of a boy called this name and I have had so many comments from people assuming he’s a girl.

“I am really gutted as it was the only name that me and my husband could agree on and I am really concerned that our son will have issues with this his whole life.

“I really wish we had named him something else, although I don’t know what that would have been. I think about it constantly and hate introducing him by name to people now because I just anticipate their reaction.

“I have had it in a baby group where the teacher called him “she” during one of the songs and I had to correct her. She said that she’d never heard of a boy called that before so thought he was a girl even though he was dressed in what would be described as ‘boy clothes’.

“I’ve had people think he’s a boy and ask “what’s his name?” then when I answer they say “oh she’s a girl” nope! It’s really disappointing and I hate that it’s being spoken about. My mum had issues at the hairdressers when another person overheard her talking and commented that it was a girl’s name.

People jumped to the defence of the mum (Stock Image)
“It just feels like everywhere and I’m really upset that he will bear the brunt of this. I don’t know what I really want people on here to say. I’m reluctant to say his name as no boy ever seems to have been called this before it would be completely obvious, but I just wanted to see if others would feel the same in my shoes and what you would do.”

Some were quick to defend the mum saying others were being closed minded.

One wrote: “People are being rude. There are lots of people with unisex or the ‘other’ gender’s name who’ve had no issues – people just accept it. Eg female Jack Monroe, Cameron Diaz, etc”

Another said: “So maybe a name like Eden that’s predominantly used for girls names in the UK and seen as a boys’ name in other countries.

“It’s hard to say without knowing the name but I don’t see an issue with changing your child’s name as long as it’s a considered decision. Do you even have another name in mind?”

Others suggested changing the name slightly, but not enough so they lose their identity: “Can you change it to something similar or similar sounding, so you don’t lose his identity completely? Mumsnet is great for ideas.”

Some mums supported unisex names, writing: “I think this style of name will become increasingly popular…”

Others were supportive of the mum as they have unusual or hard to pronounce names themselves.

One said: “A name is honestly what you make of it. I have a name that is foreign and is never pronounced correctly by British people, I’ve just got used to my name being butchered even after I correct people.

“You are always going to get ignorant people with regards to names whether pronunciation or association.

“Is it a name that is likely to become more common as a unisex name?

“I think you should just own it. Your child might appreciate having an unusual name when they are older. I still love having my unique name even with the mispronunciations!”